Imagine that you are playing a football match and face the following situation. However, before that, we also want to tell you to check 1xBet online betting site, where different things that happen in football matches can also be wagered.

So, you are playing as a forward, you receive the ball and sprint towards the opposing goal. The opposing defense is so disorganized that not even the goalkeeper is at his position. Only a lone opposing defender is desperately trying to prevent you from scoring the goal. The online betting site 1xBet can also be checked if you want to wager on other occurrences that happen during football matches.

Then, you realize that one of your teammates is in a better position to score. He is slightly ahead of you, and you decide to pass the ball to him. Everything should be okay, because there is still 1 player of the opposing squad in front of the 2 of you. You pass the ball, and then, the referee signals an offside.

What really happened?

After describing this situation, you may think that the referee is wrong for signaling an offside, because there was still an opposing defender ahead of the 2 of you. You can go to www.1xbet.com/en/mobile if you want to wager on these kinds of occurrences from your mobile device too.

However, the referee is totally right. He is applying the rules precisely by the book. Let’s explain this in the following points:

  • in order for an offside not to be awarded, the receiving player must be in line with the 2nd to last of the opposing players;
  • in 99% of the situations, the 2nd to last of the opposing players is a defender, and the last one is the goalkeeper;
  • however, if the goalkeeper is behind you, like in our hypothetical situation, there must be at least 2 defenders ahead of you and your teammate in order to be in a valid position.

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Other aspects of this rule

There are other interesting aspects of the offside rule that are worth examining. For example, offsides are not awarded if you receive the ball from 2 situations: goal-kicks and throw-ins. This means that if you are facing the opposing goal without any kind of opposition and you get the ball from one of those 2 situations, you will be able to score. There is great online betting for football on 1xBet, where other situations from football are also covered.

Also, you will not be in an offside position if you are in your half of the field when a teammate passes the ball to you, even if there are no players ahead of you. This is why teams that have their defending line high in the field must be very careful. Punters can make online betting on football for many purposes at 1xBet, where the best matches are available.