Nowadays, many issues are raised during working time or when we are not at home. For example, we may miss package deliveries while working, or we could have trouble arranging the delivery time flexibly—not to mention when the package at our front door may be stolen. As a result, you might want to investigate the possibility of a video doorbell; however, you have to consider several ideas before placing the order.

4 Reasons to Keep a Video Doorbell

Our video doorbell could solve a lot of issues and bring so much convenience. In this section, we will illustrate 4 reasons why we need to have a doorbell.

Knowing Who’s Visiting

Knowing who is outside your front door is the main reason to have a video doorbell. Previously, you had to try to steal a quick glance before answering your door to who was on the other side. Occasionally, you may open the door when the post officer is there waiting.

However, if your neighbor is getting annoying, you’d better stay calm and shut your door closely. By using a video door bell, you will know the visitor in advance and can prepare yourself to face him/her.

Confirming the Delivery Remotely

Thanks to your video door bell, the issue of missing a significant package delivery could be resolved. For many office workers or other busy people. Having the ability to answer their door using their phones from almost anywhere is an incredibly valuable convenience.

Depending on the doorbell model you selected, you will be notified as soon as the doorbell is ringed or the built-in motion sensor is activated. If your visitor gets closer. Next, depending on the doorbell you have, you can configure the device to automatically record video. Which can be played later when necessary. You may use it as evidence to see if something is delivered or lost.

Monitoring Your Packages

Certain neighborhoods may place all packages at random on the front of your porch; this will depend greatly on your neighborhood. It can be present one moment and absent the next. You do not want your packages to disappear and not be found. Using a video door bell allows you to witness in real-time when a so-called “porch pirate” takes your valuables during a delivery right off your porch or entryway.

Night Vision Feature

Checking the situation at night or in a dark environment will be useful sometimes. As we know, the criminal rate is often higher at night time. If you don’t want to be a victim, it is necessary to have a video doorbell that can check what’s happening at night.

In addition, your video door bell can be a potential protector for your house, as thieves may be afraid of getting caught if they realize that their faces are caught by your doorbell. 


In conclusion, our video doorbell is powerful and professional in solving several concerns. First, we can know who is visiting us without getting to the door, as our doorbell will tell us. In addition, when we have some packages arriving during busy times.

We can confirm the delivery without getting to the door, as we can check if the package is put down. Finally, we can feel safe at night when our doorbell can show us who is visiting or what is happening outside.