vodka shotsvodka shots

Vodka is a flavour-free liquor available in most bars. Some alcohol lovers want to drink vodka without mixing other ingredients. But, if you prefer have a flavourful concoction, vodka-based cocktails can be the perfect choice. So, find the list of the most refreshing vodka shots. Host a party and show your creativity by preparing different vodka shots

Little Red Corvette

With Aperol and orange vodka, Little Red Corvette is a cool ice-filled drink. You need to pour the components into the glass after adding the ice cubes. For a tart flavour, you may also add little lemon juice. You can twist this recipe and make a slight variation. For instance, you may use hazelnut and raspberry liqueurs to make the recipe unique. Use a fresh orange slice to garnish the glass.

Honeydew Vodka

Honeydew Vodka

It is the best vodka shot you can serve your guests to welcome them to a party. Before adding the ingredients, add some crushed ice to the glass. The key component of the dish is a honeydew melon. Ensure you have removed the rind and seeds from the honeydew. Drizzle some premiere vodka to add a taste to the drink. Moreover, you may use mint leaves and sugar to make the drink. 

Peach Vodka Cocktail

Peach vodka cocktail is a classic drink that you can enjoy on scorching summer days. The blend of grenadine and lime soda water elevate taste of the simple drink. The flavourful and refreshing drink needs to be served in a chilled condition. The low-calorie drink is a healthy choice for consumers. A slice of peach will make the glass of cocktail look more attractive. If you want a fruity, sparkling cocktail, try out peach vodka shots. 

Peanut Buttery Shot

This drink is best for those who love vodka and peanut butter. You will find a nutty and creamy flavour, which makes the cocktail unique. To make the drink tastier, you may use chocolate liqueur. Add syrup to the mixture of the vodka and peanut butter. You can use a blender and a mesh strainer that filters out peanut pieces.

Cranberry Vodka

Cranberry Vodka

Vodka and cranberry create a good recipe for cocktail lovers. To enjoy tartness in your vodka, you may add some lime juice. It is a perfect choice for celebrating your poolside party. To enjoy a Halloween party, you can prepare a vampire vodka cranberry mixture.    This black cocktail will match the theme of your party. On the contrary, for a light and bright cocktail, you may include pineapple in the recipe.

Bomb Pop Shots

With a red and blue colour scheme, the cocktail has an attractive look. Only skilled bartenders can create this layered cocktail recipe. With different liquids, you need to make the layers carefully. Use blue curacao and grenadine to make the cocktail.

These are some vodka shots you can try out any time. Feel refreshed when you drink vodka cocktails on summer days. Show your creativity in making vodka-based drinks.