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DTF (direct-to-film) Printers are gradually becoming a significant device in the textile printing industry due to their exceptional quality, reliable operation, fast production, and unique creation. Also, DTF printers have been seen to changing the course of graphic printing in the printing industry since the 1970s. Despite the growth of DTG (direct-to-growth). DTF has been seen to developing at par with DTF printers. In order to boost your business, you need to have printers. 

The dtf printer supplier sells a variety of printers; however, you must have a clear list of what you need so that you can choose the best printers that would suit your business. In order to make the lists, you must also be aware of various types of DTF printers available in the market so that you can have a good knowledge of the printers and their features. 

Variety of DTF Fabric Printers to Suit Your Need

  1. 24-inch 4 Heads DTF Printer (T604+H6501): This DTF printer is suitable for providing bulk and fast printings. Fabrics like linen, cotton, polyester, etc. This is specifically used in this printing device. This device is helpful in curbing labor costs by automating the process of production. The main features of this printer are white ink circulation, a button control panel, automatic powder control, and a silent rail and slider. Using the Precisioncore technology, you can get the benefit of automatic cleaning and moisturizing functions. 
  2. L605+H6502 5 Head I3200 DTF Printer: You can get amazing productivity with this printer. This printer is applicable to various fabrics, such as chemical fiber, nylon, cotton, diving suits, PVC, EVA, and leather. This product is best for producing bulk content and efficient orders. Among the features of this DTF printer are a silver guide rail, a main platform, and an anti-collision sensor. The Precisioncore technology used in this printer is valuable for textile printing with automatic cleaning and flash spray. 
  3. 24 Inch 2 Heads A1 DTF Printer (E602+H650): This printer is an updated version of E602+H650 with the availability of effective drying as well as cleaning process. You will get the benefit of high precision, productivity, and color efficiency with this A1 DTF printer. This printer comes with a durable Honson board, stable Leadshine motor, powder control & recycling benefits, and a paper rewinding system. 


Having an idea of a number of DTF Printers, you won’t confused about getting the perfect printer for your needs. However, if you are still in doubt about the function of the printers, then you should go for a free demo and sample to look into the capability of the printer in order to satisfy your needs. After you make up your mind to buy, do remember to check the pricing and offers of the printers and compare them with other brands to get the best product with the lowest pricing.

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