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If you are a citizen of Assam, then you need to be happy knowing that the government of Assam has launched a platform called Sewa Setu Assam. All of the main public services, including government utility and administrative services, are provided under one roof. In this article, you will learn in brief about the platform, its Eligibility criteria, process to register and log in.

You will also learn the process for tracking the file status. So read the article carefully to know more about the platform.

Know About Sewa Setu Assam

Sewa Setu Assam is an online portal that the Assam government established to make government services easily accessible to the public. With this all-inclusive platform, people will be able to easily access a wide range of administrative tasks and receive government services directly at their homes. A wide range of services are offered by the Sewa Setu project to satisfy the needs of the general public.

Highlights Of Sewa Setu Assam

Name Of PortalSewa Setu Assam
Another NameRTPS Portal
Launched byAssam Government
DepartmentCitizen, Business, and Utility Service
ObjectiveTo Bring Governance Closer To The People
ServiceCitizen, Business, and Utility Service
Service ModeOnline
Helpline1800-345-3574 (8:00 AM to 8:00 PM)

Features Of Sewa Setu Assam

Features are somewhere an important part of judging the success of the website. Below is the list of some top features the platform holds:-

  • Applications for Digital Services: With the Sewa Setu site, residents may easily apply for a range of government services. Citizens can save time and effort while obtaining necessary services by doing away with the requirement for in-person trips to government offices.
  • Text Notifications: Send out SMS alerts to applicants and designated officials regarding the progress of service requests.
  • Confirmation Receipt: Citizens get electronic acknowledgments and receipts after submitting applications via the Sewa Setu portal.
  • Live Monitoring Dashboard: Using dashboards to track and monitor service applications in real-time.
  • Digital Application Monitoring: The comprehensive tracking and monitoring mechanism of the Sewa Setu Assam webpage enables residents to check the progress of their applications in real-time. The application process is transparent and allows individuals to track the progress of their requests at any time.
  • Complaint Filing: Using the portal, the public can electronically file complaints or grievances about public services. 
  • Service Information Repository: Keeping an easily accessible online database of data about RTPS services.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The candidate must be a citizen of Assam State.
  • The candidate should be 18 years of age or above.

Services Of Sewa Setu Assam

A variety of services are offered by the Portal in Assam under the three headings of Utility Services, Business Services, and Citizen Services.

  • Citizen Services: Certificates of income, caste, marriage, birth, and death, driver’s licenses, senior citizen, and other documents are among the services that citizens can obtain under this category.
  • Business Services: The portal provides a range of services under this section, including trade licenses and arms licenses.
  • Utility Services: Property taxes and municipal water supplies can be paid for by residents under Utility Services. Online applications for some services are available for citizens to seek on the portal.

Steps To Register On Sewasetu Assam

To enjoy all the features of the Portal the user needs to register online. For that one needs to follow the given below steps:-

  • Step 1: Visit the official Sewa Setu site 2024 ( on your computer or mobile device using a web browser.
  • Step 2: Then you need to select “Login/Register to Apply” after navigating to the dashboard.
  • You are now going to access the MeriPehchaan central government portal. First, you must register by selecting “New user? Register for MeriPehchaan. fill out the relevant fields, which include name, gender, DOB, personal message, and mobile number. Complete the captcha, choose “Accept terms and conditions,” and press the registration link below. 
  • Step 3: Then you need to Set up your account with a username and password. To safeguard the details of your account, make sure your password is strong and secure.
  • Step 4: After completing the form, you might need to verify your phone number or email. This is done by getting a verification code sent to them.
  • Step 5: You’ll be able to access the SewaSetu Assam once your registration has been verified.

Steps To Sewasetu Assam Login

Sewasetu Assam Login

Once you have successfully registered on the portal, you need to follow the steps below to login to it:

  • Step 1: To access the official website of Sewa Setu portal, open a web browser on your computer or mobile device and go to
  • Step 2: Once you are homepage of the website, look for the “Login” or “Sign In” option. It is situated in the center of the Sewa Setu Portal.
  • Step 3: Choosing the “Login” option will allow you to access the MeriPehchaan Portal. In the appropriate sections, you can input your mobile number, Aadhar number, or registered login credentials.
  • Step 4: Once your credentials have been entered, click “Login” or “Sign In” to submit your login details.
  • Step 5: You can access your account on the Sewa Setu Portal. This is if the login details you entered are correct.
  • Step 6: Once you’re logged in, you can browse the different services offered on the portal and use them as needed.

To safeguard the security of your portal transactions and your account information, you must keep your login credentials private and secret.

Track Current File Status On Sewasetu assam gov in

You can monitor the current file status on the Sewa Setu portal by following the instructions provided below.

  • To access the official sewasetu assam gov in website, open a web browser on your computer or mobile device and go to
  • To begin, navigate to the “Track” option on the Sewa Setu portal’s homepage. Simply click on it to proceed.
  • You can choose from many categories on the tracking page. They include services, grievances, and appeals.
  • Depending on the category you select: (a) If you select “services“, you will be prompted to input your application reference number before selecting the “Track” option.(b) Enter your Appeal ID under “appeals,” then select “Track.” (c) Enter your phone number in the “grievances” section and choose “Track.”
  • Once you’ve filled out the necessary details, click the appropriate “Track” option to submit your query.
  • You will receive real-time updates on the status of your application, appeal, or complaint on a new page.

Benefits Of SewaSetu Assam

Using the platform comes with several benefits, given below is the list of some top advantages of the portal:-

  • The Portal offers over 500 services. It shows a big improvement in the government’s dedication to openness, promptness, and community involvement. 
  • The portal proves the Assam government is dedicated to using tech to improve public services. It will also make administrative processes more efficient. 
  • The portal provides easy access to ARTPS Notified Services, Services Available Online, PFC Services, CSC Services, Land & Revenue, and Popular Services, among other important links provided by the platform.


Sewa Setu Assam is an online platform launched by the Government of Assam. It revolutionizes citizen access to government services by putting major services under one roof. It has features like digital applications, real-time tracking, and grievance filing. These features improve efficiency and transparency in service delivery. Eligible residents can register and access a wide array of services conveniently, empowering them to engage with governance more effectively.


Every detail that has been mentioned in this post is thoroughly well-researched and is used only for information purposes. Also, know that the website does not have any kind of ownership with Sewasetu.

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