Anna Bhagya SchemeAnna Bhagya Scheme

Millions of Indians suffer from poverty and insufficient access to food. This clarifies the rationale behind the government’s many social programs, all of which are meant to provide financial support to citizens. In Karnataka, the Anna Bhagya Scheme was launched as a humanitarian project. The government of Karnataka started it.

This program was started in 2013 to give food security to families that make less than the state poverty line. This program provides free rice to households that fall below the poverty line. You must apply online and fulfill the requirements in order to be eligible for Anna Bhagya benefits.

What is Anna Bhagya Scheme? 

Anna Bhagya scheme was launched by the Karnataka government to provide free food to eligible people. As part of this program, BPL-eligible individuals will receive a complimentary ten-kilogram bag of rice. This program guarantees that people have access to enough food to survive and improve their quality of life. In addition to giving away free food, the government also helps people save money that they can use for other purposes with this yojana.

Highlight Of Anna Bhagya Scheme

Scheme NameAnna Bhagya Scheme Karnataka
Issuing StateKarnataka
Year of Launch2013
ObjectiveThe aim is to provide 10 kg of rice instead in the place of 5 kg per month
BeneficiaryFamilies with Anna Bhagya Card or falls under Below Poverty Line (BPL) in Karnataka
Order Issued ByCM Siddaramaiah
Mode of ApplicationOnline or through Fair Price Shops/Ration Shops
Helpline Number1967, 14445 or 1800-425-9339
Official Website

Main Objectives Of Schemes

Anna Bhagya Scheme

The main objective of the anna bhagya scheme Karnataka is to eradicate hunger and malnourishment among impoverished households in Karnataka. The program offers participants a complimentary 10-kg bag of rice to help meet their nutritional needs and enhance their overall health. This program also attempts to lessen the financial burden on low-income households so they can purchase food and other necessities.

Eligibility Criteria

There are requirements you must fulfill before you may apply for the program. Look them up below:

  • The applicant should be a resident of Karnataka.
  • The candidate cannot be younger than eighteen.
  • An Antyodaya/Priority Household Ration Card linked to an Aadhaar or classified as BPL is the requirement for the recipient.
  • If the beneficiary has any family members who work for the government, they will no longer be eligible for the program.

Documents Required

As a recipient of the Anna Bhagya Scheme, you need to bring the following paperwork from your neighborhood ration store to finish the verification process:

  • Verification of Karnataka residency or domicile
  • The beneficiary’s Aadhar card
  • An operational cellphone number
  • Bank account information connected to your Aadhar card

Anna Bhagya Scheme Apply Online

Applying for the Anna Bhagya scheme in Karnataka will allow you to receive free monthly meals if you have a BPL card. Bring your ration card to the closest ration shop to apply for this plan. There, you can authenticate yourself with a biometric device. The gadget will be programmed with the names of each family member. The quantity of food or rice you receive will vary according to where you live.

Anna Bhagya Scheme Payment Status Check

You may use the following procedures to ascertain the Anna Bhagya scheme payment status check :

  • To access the official website of the Karnataka Food Department, go to
  • Click the “e-Services” tab, then choose “e-Status“, and under that select “DBT status“.
  • After selecting your district, select “Status of DBT.”
  • Next, you must input the correct year and month, your ration card number, and the captcha code before pressing the “Go” button.
  • You will see the Anna Bhagya plan’s DBT status and payment information on your screen.


The website provides users with a number of advantages. The list of some advantages is as follows:-

  • Free Rice Distribution: As part of the Anna Bhagya program, the government is committed to providing 10 kg of free rice per month to all eligible individuals. This initiative ensures that those in need will always have access to essential grains.
  • Encouraging Self-Reliance: The Anna Bhagya program meets participants’ short-term food needs while simultaneously assisting them in achieving their longer-term goals of empowerment and self-reliance. Rice availability might encourage people to direct their limited resources toward other important areas, such as skill development, healthcare, and education.
  • Improving Quality Of Life: This scheme implementation is anticipated to result in participants’ living standards rising. The government’s goal in providing free rice to low-income individuals and families is to reduce hunger and improve their nutritional situation.
  • Target Audience: Individuals and families who are considered Below Poverty Line (BPL) recipients make up the majority of this program’s intended beneficiaries. These are the people who are actually having financial difficulties and find it difficult to meet basic expenses like food. This strategy will improve their lives in a little way.
  • Validation For BPL Cardholders: Candidates must possess a valid BPL card in order to be eligible for the benefits of the Anna Bhagya program. It serves as proof of their eligibility and is necessary in order to be eligible for the free rice allotment.


For people in Karnataka living below the poverty line, the Anna Bhagya Scheme 2013 is a bright spot. Most people with BPL go to sleep at night without eating enough. Consequently, the program implemented by the Karnataka government has raised the standard of living in the country by providing a community with better daily access to food.


The article is meant only to provide the information. And while we ask that you visit the official website to verify the details, the details have been thoroughly investigated. The website does not have any ownership with the Anna Bhagya Scheme.

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